Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to Basics

It's been a while.

A painful experience has put me back almost at the beginning, training-wise, thanks to a fractured wrist.  I slipped on the ice at the end of the year and broke my right wrist.  It's the first time I've been so incapacitated. Being right-handed and possessing a low pain threshold I was rendered almost helpless.

I spent just short of five weeks in a cast,.  During this time I think Higgie discovered just how much stuff I really  do around the house when every task, including cooking fell to him.  Consequently, I have a very untidy house with floors that haven't been mopped in weeks and dust everywhere but Higgie's knife skills have improved.

Walking the dog (which was what I was doing when the accident occurred) has been a challenge; I have to tie her leash to my belt loop to keep her from pulling too hard.  Walking is the only activity I have been able to enjoy, however and Lily and I have had some wonderful long walks together while I did some soul-searching about the nature of injuries and how they affect us.  I had to return the beautiful fashionable winter boots I had purchased and get ones I could put on with one hand.  I also bought traction devices to attach to the soles so I would have more grip (and confidence) when walking.

The cast came off yesterday and I am stiff and sore this morning but having it removed has enabled me to type almost as well as I ever could, which isn't very well at all..  I begin physiotherapy today at a new clinic located where my old gym used to be.  It's a combination gym and health centre and to that end I'm going to purchase a short-term membership so that they can integrate my physio into a fitness program for me.  Other than walking I've done no fitness regime since the accident and have been forced to monitor my food intake very carefully to avoid weight gain.  Even so, I think I have put on a few pounds.  I also know I've lost considerable strength and agility.  So, it's back to basics.  Will it be like starting all over again?  We'll see.

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