Monday, May 16, 2011

Backing Out

I'm backing out of the 10K race in Ottawa.  No Ottawa Race weekend for me but not because I can't do it.  It's not the knee or the hip - it's the PUPPY!!!!

Meet Lily.  She's a French Bulldog.  I got her three days ago.  She's 11 weeks old which means I can't go anywhere for the time being.  Not that I mind being home with this much cuteness around.  She's learning to walk on a lead and go potty outside but the weather has been so terrible I had to buy her a raincoat.  Here's Lily looking like Super Dog in her outdoor apparel:

We love her to bits and don't mind having to miss our 10K to stay home with her.  There'll be other races.  Meanwhile, she has made my mother very, very happy.  She wept tears of joy when she met her.

Stay tuned for more stories about Lily - oh, and fitness and weight loss too, of course!

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