Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Boot Camp and Puppy Love

Did I ever doubt if Lily would be anything but a great addition to my life?  Heck, no.  All the more reason to get up early.  She fits our lifestyle so completely.  Get up early to walk the dog, get up for boot camp, what's the difference?  One makes you sweat more.  We practice running with Lily up and down the driveway.  Our neighbours think we're nuts as we trot along like trainers at the Westchester County Dog Show.  She will never be able to run at our pace but she loves to run.  Soon, when she's had all her shots, we can take her to the park to run, though I would be very hesitant to let her off the lead.  This is a popular breed to get stolen.

Meanwhile, boot camp continues and I find everything I ever knew about training seems to fit tongue and groove with everything I am learning about dog training: patience, attention to detail, consistency.  It all pays off.  My weight has stopped fluctuating, I have more energy and I sleep better.  Oh, and I have a dog.  Did I mention that?

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