Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Bold Move

So, in the interest of staying true to the concept behind this blog, I have taken a major step.  I've been sitting around for weeks now asking myself "What's next?" 

If I give up working for a weight loss organisation does fitness and weight loss cease to be foremost in my life?  The answer to that was an obvious "Not on your life," so which direction to head in next was a gaping, yawning void. 

Well, not really.  My good friend Mo has, as mentioned, made the career choice of becoming a personal trainer.  She is very happy with it and working almost as hard as she wants to with very little effort getting started.  To that end, and at her urging, I signed up for Step One of the process by enrollng in a course for Wellness and Nutrition.  I mostly want to see if the nutritional priciples I have learned are, as I suspect, in keeping with generally accepted wisdom on the subject.  Once I have a certificate behind my name I can proceed in a number of directions, Personal Weight Loss Coach being one of them.  Next would come a course to become a Personal Trainer which would mean I could add fitness training into the mix.  How nice it would be to have a few clients I could work one on one with, rahter than the thundering hordes of the past who would not contemplate any sort of movement.  I hope this works out.  Stay posted.

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