Monday, July 18, 2011

Heat Wave Leaves No Options

We had a temporary respite from the heat and humidity and reached record-breaking highs yesterday with a temperature of 41C (105F).  Hoping for a break overnight, we awoke this morning to find no such thing and the temperature at 6:00 a.m. was hovering around 80F.  Heat isn't our only problem here; it's also about humidity.  Because the city is set in a natural basin we find ourselves with air the texture of wet cotton some days.

Nevertheless, we set out for boot camp as always for our Monday interval training session.  The first part involves a one mile run which was very difficult considering the heaviness of the air even beside the lake.  After a brief cool down we began running in two-minute intervals followed by two minutes of walking.  What I typically observe of myself is that I gradually get faster with each interval, and while this was also true today my speed was nowhere what it has been on other, more temperate days.  We finished off with strength training, and even here I was not my usual self; struggling with bench dips and praying for Bruce to say 'Stop' when doing push-ups.  Despite drinking lots of water, it really felt too warm to be working out.

Walking back to our cars I had a conversation with another boot camper who said she just couldn't stop eating.  I suggested she use boot camp as a metaphor -i.e.- she didn't want to stop eating last night and as a result she feels terrible.  She didn't want to get up this morning because it was too hot to work out but did anyway and now feels great.  Both were tough decisions to make.  Which one made her feel best?  She said it is hard to think rationally sometimes where food is involved and I agreed but I also believe it takes practice.  Everything gets better with practice.  Just like boot camp.

It looks like it's trying to rain and I must get Lily out for her walk.  The weather is going to remain hot all this week but maybe there will be a break in the humidity if we get some rain.  Not walking Lily is not an option, rain or no rain, heat or cold.  There is no other option for me than to continue to work out and practice healthy eating.

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