Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Five work-outs per week just didn't happen this week.  Maybe I was being unrealistic.  Other than Pilates on Monday I made it to the gym one other time this week for a short 5K run and some stretching.  No strength training; no time.  Tuesday I started two new meetings back to back, the first one of which started early and I needed to get organised.  Wednesday we were hit with a blizzard and I spent the afternoon shoveling instead.  Friday morning is also an early meeting.  Today, Saturday, I spent with my Mom and the plan was to meet Higgie after he finished work and head for the gym but it'll have to be tomorrow instead.  AS crazy as my Mom makes me I know a work-out would have done me good but the club gets to crowded by the late afternoon and I am, quite frankly, bushed, having got up at 5:30 this morning to prepare for today's meetings.

Next week should see things return to  a bit more even keel.  Bruce stopped by on Friday to tell me he had found a space for us to train with him; a small neighborhood gym where you can buy a pass and do whatever you want there.  We'll get back to weekly training with him and then go to the club on our off days.  I'll be heading back to the Pilates class on Monday.  It will happen.  No sense feeling guilty or beating myself up over it.  I haven't given up, it's just a set-back.

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