Saturday, February 12, 2011

You're Never Too Old

Higgie and I got to rub shoulders with the rich and famous in the sports and television world this week when we attended a fundraiser for a police-based charity called Operation Merry-Go-Round. It raises funds to buy computers for kids who would otherwise be unable to afford one and who are, by police standards, considered at risk.

Our trainer, Bruce is one of the organisers of the event and for the past few years he has given us free tickets for the event as a thank-you for our loyal patronage. It's held at the Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto and it's a fun-filled evening for us, not just because of the free food, which is great and relatively healthy, and not just because of the free booze either! It's a fascinating venue and the chance to see all the memorabilia and trophies is of interest even to me, a non-sports fan. We always meet interesting people. This year we met the General Manager of the Toronto Argonauts, Adam Rita who is a long-time friend of Bruce's. He is very charming. But the biggest kick was meeting Jeremy Roenick , a retired hockey player and sports commentator who was a judge this season on CBC's hit show, 'Battle of the Blades' . The premise of the show is to pair hockey players with female figure skaters and see how well they can transfer their skating skills to a new purpose. All the players were recently retired, most in their 40's. I told Jeremy what I most admired about the players' attempts to re-make themselves as figure skaters was that it proved to me no one is ever too old to change. I told him that I worked for Weight Watchers and had learned to become physically fit in my 50's. He was impressed and after several minutes of chatting about the show and having my picture taken he said he was very pleased to have met me (bet he says that to all the girls!). I also had a chance to introduce Bruce as my trainer, though they knew each other because Bruce had arranged for Jeremy to be there.  Jeremy said he was very impressed that Bruce was able to make people so excited about fitness as we obviously were.  Here's Higgie and I with Jeremy:

So, after bragging away to him about how dedicated to fitness I am, I now have to admit to what a complete fraud I have been this week, since, other than Pilates on Monday, I haven't done anything in the way of a work-out since then.  Feeling enormously guilty and slug-like, I prepared to go to the club after lunch today but discovered my iPod wasn't charged.  It was almost enough to keep me at home.  I still managed to force myself out the door, if only because I knew I had to get to a mailbox to mail the paperwork from this morning's meetings.  After finding a mailbox, I was still of a mind to turn around and go home again, because who can work out without music?

I got to the club and was taking off my coat in the dressing room when a lady in the shower area (unseen by me) said "There's a lot of sighing going on out there."  I explained that I was annoyed at not having my iPod to listen to while I worked out and she commiserated.  I then admitted to having almost stayed home because of it, despite not having been there all week.  She then admitted to not having been there since December, but before I could respond, she walked out of the shower room and I could see that she was an older woman.  I was mentally cutting her some slack for her own absence when she told me she was 77 years old and until Christmas was coming four to five times a day to work out!  You are definitely never too old.

So Jeremy, (you hottie) I want you to know, I'm back at it, I'll be there tomorrow and the rest of this week.  Half-marathons don't get run by themselves.

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