Sunday, February 20, 2011

This week's training

I'm happy to report that we're back training with Bruce.  He found us a new venue run by very accommodating people who not only let us bring in our own trainer but let all three of us in on one ten-session pass.  It's a bare-bones serious training sort of gym; no frills and no fancy extras but it has a huge array of equipment.  It's not as close to our house as the Balmy Beach club is - not walking distance - and given Higgie's schedule we will only be able to make it there once a week.  We decided to train together to make the best of the time we have so we will continue to meet Bruce on Thursdays which is, for now, a day off for both of us.  I previously had an At Work meeting taking place on Thursdays but it finished it's 20 week run and won't be continuing.  I plan to use the extra time off training and spending time with my Mom.

Training together with Bruce felt more like Boot Camp.  I can't wait for it to start again.  Eight more weeks!  Training outside is the best!

Today we went to the Balmy to use the fitness room.  Since I'm banned from the treadmill for now, thanks to my piriformis problem I used the elliptical for 30 minutes.  I used to love this machine but I rapidly became bored with it once I became strong enough to do other things.  I worked hard at making it a challenging work-out - perhaps too hard!  I chose a program that would vary the resistance and moved at top speed when the resistance went to zero.  I tried a few other methods of intensifying the experience as taught to me by trainers; tricks like lifting my toes inside my shoes and pushing with my heels only, or pedaling in a semi-squat position.  It's really important to watch your stance while on this machine because swaying from side to side (like when you're listening to a really good tune on your iPod!) or not standing erect enough can be injurious.  Not sure which of these bad things I may have done but my knees felt unhappy when I got off the machine and my hip still hurts, possibly worse than ever.

Tomorrow I will do a total strength training work-out; no cardio except a bit of jumping or jogging in place to warm up.  I need to keep the muscles moving but not irritate anything further.

Tuesday: back to Wade and the elbow in my butt cheek!

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