Monday, June 6, 2011

Boot Camp: Agony of Da Feet

Running has created more foot problems than I have ever previously had, and I've had a few.  My bunions, which were formerly sleeping giants, have come to life with full force and they ache, sometimes all night.  I also continue to get a blister on the inside edge of my right foot.  I had hoped orthotics would fix all these problems but maybe it's too soon to tell.  All I know is, after doing interval training at boot camp this morning I am sitting here now longing to soak my feet in ice water but I have no basin to soak them in and Lily thinks bare feet are highly edible so the socks and  shoes stay on.

Yesterday at a Weight Watchers staff meeting I commented to another leader that having lost weight had given me tremendous energy and helped me feel half my age but the feet tell the tale.  I wore my 'grandma' sandals' - clompy, unfashionable Mephisto walking sandals to and from the meeting and my pretty high-heeled sandals at the meeting.  I can't wear high heels at all anymore for any distance of time and forget all about walking in them.

Still, a small price to pay, perhaps, for the chance to get fit and thin.  Though I still long for pretty shoes.  Can't have everything, I suppose.

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