Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time Not Wasted

We talked about physical activity at Weight Watchers this week and as usual, the best ideas didn't come from me.  One of my members came up with the most inspiring outlook towards exercise.  She said "Any time spent exercising can never be considered time wasted."  How true is that?  How many times have I wasted time in my life?  Too many to count, but I have never come home from a fitness session thinking I could have spent my time some other, better way.

To that end I have increased the number of work-outs I am doing weekly.  All going according to plan I will now be doing two strength training sessions per week along with two one-hour runs and one Pilates class.  This is up from the three I used to do at boot camp and the two it has deteriorated to since then.  I need to see results and I won't get them with two work-outs.  So today, despite getting up at 5:00 a.m. for my two Saturday morning meetings I went to the club when I got home and spent an hour working out on my own.

It's fifteen minute walk to the club when Higgie's not around to drive me and somehow that always seems to make going on my own an insurmountable obstacle (!) but I would not give in to my sleepiness after lunch and off I went.  I wasn't happy to be there and the ten minute warm up I did on the treadmill felt unpleasant but once I got into the program Bruce has laid out for me it went fine.  I downloaded three new songs for my iPod before leaving home so having some new music to work out to was a nice change.  I noticed I had lost some strength in my arms from not being consistent enough with weight training but it will come back.  When doing an overhead triceps curl I also noticed there is no extra skin hanging off my arms any longer.

When I left the club the sun was shining brilliantly, reflecting off the lake like a gold.  I felt great, I listened to my tunes all the way home and realised it had been an afternoon extremely well-spent.

Tomorrow: running again.

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