Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feeling Hip - But Not in a Good Way

I wanted to call this post "My Dumb Bum" but I thought it might attract the wrong sort of attention.  It's depressing and discouraging just how painful my hip and SI joint still feel.  I just came back from another visit to Dr. Wade and he drilled his elbow into my butt cheek again, this time finding a new and even more painful spot.  It's been three weeks since I began treatment and nearly a month since I did any running.  I'm beginning to have some grave concerns about being able to do Harry's Spring Run-off.  I know it's still four weeks away but without any further training it's going to be a very tough run - if I can participate at all.  I've had set-backs before (think: knees) but somehow this one seems the most discouraging.  I just need to remain positive.  I will get better.

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