Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

After weeks of treatment my hip is finally better, and I have therefore been cleared to run in my first race of the season this weekend.  Harry's Spring Run-Off takes place Saturday morning.  This will be the third year year I've run it.  I haven't run in weeks so who knows how it will go?  It may be more of a walk-run, especially on the hills, but I just want to finish.  I've been walking as much as I can because walking seemed to be the answer.  The more I walk the better it feels so Dr. Wade said perhaps running on it would have a similar effect.  Let's hope so!  I'm tempted to go for a run this morning, but what if it makes it worse?  I'd almost rather find that out on Saturday.  Meanwhile, I will go on doing my stretches.  I would have liked to go to another spin class today but I'm working at a fill-in for another leader.  Maybe I'll go when I get home.  I'm training with Bruce tomorrow and I know he'll have lots of good suggestions on how to make it through the 8K course.

It just feels good to know that once again I have overcome a physical set-back.  The treatment wasn't cheap and will only be partially covered, thanks to Higgie's insurance, but I would willing spend the money,  I will never give in to pain or let it keep me down for long.  I've come too far for that.

During this time I'm made some interesting discoveries: I need to watch my food consumption very carefully if I'm not going to be more active, and while I still don't like Spin, it's a good form of cardio activity.  It's about the only thing that's kept me going.

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