Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A few years ago when I was first getting into fitness I took a couple of spin classes - and HATED them!  I didn't like the non-stop pedalling although I did admit that it was an excellent cardio work-out.  There was something too monotonous about the endless pedalling and the pace was relentlessly fast.  I have never taken one since.  But today, because I am banned from the treadmill and I really hate the elliptical I forced myself onto the exercise bike at the club.  There are two kinds there: the recumbent bike that most people are familiar with when it comes to exercise bikes, and one more like a regular bicycle, which is the one I used.  I remembered what we had been told to do in the spin classes I took so long ago and did a 30 minute work-out based on some of those concepts, such as raising the butt in the air and pedalling standing up as well as raising and lowering the butt repeatedly.  It was a pretty good work out and I will do it again.  There is life after running!

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