Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spinning for Real

No, not with a spinning wheel, which would actually be spinning for real, but at the new gym.

I signed up for a spin class at the gym which has replaced Lation Fitness, my well-loved and much-missed former gym.  They advertised free classes for the first two weeks and today was the inaugural spin class.  In attendance was the former owner of the gym together with two of her friends and former members, both of who I knew.  I wasn't surprised to see people I knew, though I was a bit surprised to see Toni, formerly the owner of Lation.

The instructor was supposed to be a guy but the the new owner decided she would lead the class since it was the first one.  There were problems with the sound so I couldn't hear her cues and the music was annoyingly techno which Higgie will hate, but I'm sure the sound issues will iron themselves out and something tells me that Jason, the regular instructor will not play techno but perhaps some good ol' rock 'n roll which will be much more Higgie's sort of thing,

The premise of a spin class is to imagine yourself in a bike race.  The instructor will cue you to tighten up the resistance screw on the bike to emulate hills and will also prompt you to pedal standing up from time to time.  Not only does this make it harder but it will raise your heart rate.  There are also different positions for the hands on the handlebars and angles at which to lean.  It's non-stop movement for 45 minutes.  Sweat flies off you and it's very, very challenging.

AS for how I felt when it was over: hot, sweaty and grateful I was done.  As for my attitude towards spin now? I still HATE it!!!  But I'll be back. With Higgie in tow.

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