Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting Stronger - and Weaker

We trained this morning with Bruce and it was interesting to observe that some exercises were much easier, and even though he increased the weights on many of the machines I was still able to keep up.  But the reverse was true when it came to weight training my upper body today.  I could barely do any curls; I had to really fight to get through ten bicep curls (it was supposed to be 20) and the 'skull crusher' curls for the triceps were nigh unto impossible with 12 pound free weights.  Don't know why it is but sometimes we just don't have the strength to call upon when we need it.

Still, on the positive side, I found holding one minute's worth of plank a relatively easy task and all the ab crunches were also very easy.  We did a new exercise for the abdominals that involved holding a crunch in the 'up' position for as long as we could.  I don't know how long we actually held it but I knew Higgie wasn't going to give up before I did.  I think it had to be over a minute.  He's so very competitive he makes a challenging work-out partner.

Seven more weeks until boot camp starts!

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