Monday, April 4, 2011

Aftermath: Dr. Wade & Spinning to the Beatles

Two days later and I'm still stiff and sore - but the pain in my hip is GONE!  We walked and stretched a good deal after the run on Saturday and I ran up and down the stairs in my house dozens of times yesterday doing laundry and I also worked outside raking leaves, but the soreness is only in my quadriceps and hip flexors (those tendons in the groin) this morning, not the hip itself.

I had one more visit with Dr. Wade to make sure there was no damage incurred by the run.  He was pleased to hear I no longer have hip pain but he did feel some tightness still in my glutes.  He set me free from further treatment (and expense, thank goodness!  The bill came to over $400.) but told me to be sure to put my Super Feet inserts back in my shoes to prevent pronation or be looking to get some custom orthotics made one day.  He gave me the go-ahead to take a spin class today in order to work out the kinks and reminded me to trust in my training.  He told me I've reached a level of fitness that should allow me to be confident that I can accomplish most challenges I choose to undertake.  I'm that fit?  Who knew?

So, off I went to spin class at noon, to find that once again I was the only person there.  To make it even more fun the instructor had prepared an entire set of Beatles music to pedal to which made the time go faster (and my feet!) so I can now say I don't really hate spin anymore.  I'm still sore though, and likely will be for a few days.

Heading for the shower marvelling over the concept of being fit.  Me, the kid who hated gym class.

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