Monday, April 18, 2011

Boot Camp - A No-Go

It didn't happen.  We didn't start boot camp this morning, despite my having gone to bed early and setting the alarm for 4:45 a.m.  I had planned the number of layers I was going to wear and how to stay warm.  But I managed to miss Bruce's email cancelling this week's activities by 5 minutes.  He sent an email out last night shortly after I had gone to bed and I didn't read it until this morning when the alaem went off.  The first thing I did was check email and there it was.  Did I go back to bed?  What do you think?

We had blizzard conditions yesterday, with white-outs and freezing temperatures.  Though none of it stayed on the ground by my house it's likely that there would have been ice on the boardwalk by the lake which would have made for dangerous conditions.  We're waiting for next week when this cold weather front is supposed to pass.  Darn it!  While I'm glad my knee has another week to recover I'm missing the endorphin rush - and the calorie-burning action.  Good thing we're talking about tracking this week at Weight Watchers because I know how effective it is when I can't rely on activity to help me stay at goal.

May this week and this weather system soon pass.  I need some Spring!!!!

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