Monday, April 25, 2011

Boot Camp Starts Today

It's official, boot camp starts today after a one-week delay.  The weather has improved to a balmy 5C and though the sand on the beach will still be wet from Friday night's storm we will still be rolling around in it, no doubt. 

I've been awake since 1:30 a.m., not from excited anticipation but just because I am going through another period of sleeplessness.  I spent Saturday afternoon in the emergency ward with my Mom who had another little spell of passing out.  This time she was seated, thank goodness, so nothing was broken.  The stress of it left me a bit rattled though and I have slept badly since then.  I'm hoping increased activity will put an end to it.  I'll try to nap when I get home this morning.

Stupid Knee has been responding well to Celebrex and I can bend it pretty well so I'm going to attempt running.  Higgie, on the other hand, has had bad knees ever since Harry's Spring Run-Off.  He's been getting treatment for them but he refuses to walk anywhere and when forced to he won't bend his knees so heaven only knows how he'll fare this morning.  He was advised by Dr. Wade not to run for another week yet so he thinks that means walking too, although Wade did say he should be.  He's thinking he'll come down to the beach with me and meet everyone and then go home.  I hope Bruce persuades him to stay.

I'm looking forward to meeting the other participants.  There are two Weight Watchers members, one of whom I know, together with her husband whom I have not met.  I think I know the other Weight Watchers member but I'm not sure.  I'm glad she decided to participate, whoever she is.  I will continue to encourage members to join us throughout the season.

Time to go kick Higgie out of bed.  More later when I'm back home and have shaken the sand off me.

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