Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boot Camp - Day Two

We are partway through our first week of boot camp - and I'm loving it as much as ever!  Higgie couldn't come this morning because he had to go to work early but we were joined by a new couple.  She is one of my Weight Watchers members but I feel like I've met her husband before somewhere too.  He's very fit and funny and a great addition to the group.

There was a heavy mist all over the city this morning so we never did see a sunrise but there'll be plenty more of them to come.  It felt mystical and slightly eerie to be on a deserted beach in thick fog.  Our work-out had me feeling pretty warm but when I took my jacket off the cool, damp air put a chill on things pretty quickly.

Stupid Knee was fairly quiet but I did feel the occasional twinge.  I'm sitting here with an ice pack on it at present and I will take a Celebrex shortly, but all in all it was pretty co-operative.  Practically everyone else in the group has an ache or a pain or an old injury they were moaning about so we're a sad bunch!  But we'll get better.

It's tough to put into words just how incredibly happy it makes me feel to know I'm doing my favourite work-out again.  It means my weight fluctuations will cease, I'll have more energy and I can get back to running.  It even makes the half-marathon feel do-able.  Boot camp makes many things possible.

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