Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Boot Camp Memories

Am I crazy?

It's been raining and cold all weekend and we just had a brief flurry of snow.  Boot Camp starts tomorrow.

I've been going over journal entries from previous years.  Here's one from the fall of 2009.  The weather then is much like it is right now:

After only managing to get four hours sleep last night thanks to snoring husband, puking cat and asshole neighbour I was not in the mood for the cold wind, 34F degree weather and misty rain.  Nevertheless, and despite Higgie and I asking each other if we were crazy, we met with Bruce and proceeded to run the longest steepest hill in the beach.  I slipped on a wet leaf on the road that was not visible in the dark and almost landed on my head, and by the third time up I felt nauseous.  Fortunately, we stopped after that and then went down to the beach where the waves were roaring onto the shore with the intensity of a hurricane.  We did push-ups, pull-ups and bench dips all the while trying not to get blown over or too wet.  I could barely hear Bruce calling out instructions because the wind took his voice away.  Just when I though we were done he made us do walking lunges for 100 meters and then do the whole strength training circuit over again.  It truly was a tough, tough morning.

This is from Year three (again, in the Fall, but still...)

Freezing temperatures this morning; ice on the boardwalk and crunchy sand.  I'm not allowed to run or walk hills so I power-walked the boardwalk (oh yippee) while Higgie and Gail ran one of the nearby hilly streets with Bruce.  There were very few people out at first but on my way back down the boardwalk I saw one running club and a few people walking their dogs as the sun slowly showed itself as a pink streak on the horizon.  My fingers and butt were very cold and I never even broke a sweat.  I was late joining the others for the strength training portion of our work-out so I did a few extra push-ups and dips just to get caught up.  It was far from being the boot camp work-out I am used to but it was better than staying in bed, even if it was freezing cold!  We just signed on for 10 more sessions and there's no snow predicted for the whole month of December so we'll see how far we can take it.

But then there were some great moments, like this one:

Good drill, good knee, good ice pack.
It was cold this morning and there was a not-inconsiderable breeze down by the water but I had tons of energy and flew through the agility drill.  My knee cooperated right up until the end when some sumo squats kinda undid me.  No pain but I could feel the strain and knew I had a date with an ice pack as soon as I got home.  There was a gorgeous sunrise and I couldn't help but be pleased as we did rolling side plank that when I rolled to face the west I saw the downtown skyline all twinkly lights and as I rolled to the other side I saw red and orange sky to the east.  Fabulous sight! 
I'm sitting here getting colder by the minute thanks to this ice pack strapped to my knee but I will get into a very hot shower in a few minutes and feel great again.  Ah fitness!  How I do adore thee.  I'm crazy, I know....

Crazy or not, I've been sifting through memories of previous years all this weekend and becoming more and more excited about challenging myself once again through a tough fitness regime.  I re-reading my old journal entries one issue seems to surface again and again, however; my knees.  They do not respond well to this sort of treatment.  I'm presently having knee trouble for no good reason and have been icing and resting it all weekend.  I'm sincerely hoping that they will stand the test and get me through this year with few problems.  I've come to understand that I must ice them after all activity.

Tune in later this week to see how our first week goes.

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