Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stronger, Faster, Better

Interval training on Monday at boot camp was a remarkable experience.  By adding one more run per week when not training with Bruce I am getting faster and tire less quickly - and all I did was add one more 30 minute session!  What this does for my mental health and self esteem is indescribable.  I feel optimistic and believe there is a path out there for me and I will find it.  So much better than wallowing in regret and 'what might have beens'.

We're training with a couple of other people who are not happy with their current state of fitness.  They are both quite depressed about it and I find myself acting as cheerleader, remembering all too well how self-conscious and embarrassed about my own lack of fitness I once felt.  I keep reminding one woman that she just had a baby and needs to cut herself some slack but she hates the size she has become and pushes herself very hard.  She's an inspiration.

I still believe finding Bruce as a trainer and doing boot camp are two of the best things that have ever happened to me, though I should probably fit meeting Higgie and getting Lily in there somewhere too.

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