Monday, June 13, 2011

The Walk-It Challenge

Anyone who reads here will know by know that fitness is a primary goal and pursuit in my life.  So, yesterday when I participated in the Weight Watchers 5K Walk-It Challenge with my fellow Weight Watchers members I felt like there was a door opening from one world to another and I could share some of what I have learned and discovered about myself through fitness.  I also finally came to an understanding how little some people actually do move.  I've always, even at my heaviest, been a walker and a hiker.  I didn't realise how fortunate I was.

From the beginning I could see that some people were struggling to keep up so I kept running back to the end of the line to catch people up and get them to step up their pace.  It's a trick I learned from Bruce.  He runs with me, forcing me to keep up to his pace.  I therefore walked at a faster pace then some of the members and they changed their pace accordingly.  I did this two or three times.

I met a lot of new people and saw others I haven't seen for a long time; members who had transferred to other meetings, members from now-defunct At Work meetings who were now going to traditional meetings, and some who remembered me from fill-ins I have done.  It really brought home to me what a family we are and how staying close and only better our cause.

In the end I had quite a few people thank me for making them keep pace and helping them realise they can walk this distance; that by talking and sharing the time and distance meant nothing.  To this end, I have decided to form a walking club.  Stay tuned for further details about walking with my Weight Watchers members.

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